Why Hestia Marketing Group?

  • Few marketers have the depth of experience over 300 projects, 10,000 units and $3 billion in sales around the world, with budgets from under $100,000 to in excess of $8 million.
  • Marketing for every sales method Tempo, Launch, Exhibition, Resale, Reservation System, Limited Release and product type fractional, condo-hotel, hotel-condo, single-family, master-planned community, land, club, and townhomes branded or non-branded, entry-level to bespoke luxury.
  • Sales-driven marketing approach leveraging the power, speed and affordability of the latest online / web technologies.
  • Ability to direct or hire Sales managers and sales teams or partner with existing.
  • Vast network of talented, experienced professionals to leverage depending on the project and situation.
  • Cost-effective, proactive solution.
  • Experience in challenging markets. Hestia Marketing Group has seen it all, not just ridden the wave of the real estate booms.

What We Do

  • Assess and align your offering with the market conditions and customer demand
  • Create, develop, execute and coordinate a sales-driven marketing strategy.
  • Manage agencies and suppliers.
  • Develop language and train project sales team.
  • Create tangible co-op realtor engagement programs.
  • Develop and manage sales and marketing budget.
  • Provide innovative, leading-edge marketing to projects small and large.
  • Kick-start stalled / tired projects.
  • Evaluate sales teams.
  • Create and implement post-sale customer care programs.
  • Create easy-to-execute communication plans 
  • Tailor market research reports to our client’s needs
  • Design and execute public engagement plans to help our clients minimize disruption and ensure projects gain positive traction

Additional Services

  • Planning and Strategic Support  – Communication planning is essential to a project’s success, but creating the plan can take time and resources away from your internal team. We will work with your team to develop easy-to-execute communication and engagement plans to guide them in executing the strategy. Throughout the implementation phase, our team can provide strategic guidance to ensure that your team is on track to achieving communication goals and that your stakeholders are effectively engaged.
  • Community Engagement & Market Research – Knowing who you are building for and the community you are building in forms the foundation of your engagement, communication, marketing, and sales strategies. We create market research studies customized to our client’s needs and execute public engagement plans to create strategic messaging and community engagement initiatives to keep stakeholders informed and gather vital feedback to develop a successful project with community and municipal support.
  • Marketing Training – we offer accredited training in Real Estate Project marketing both to those new and wanting to get into the business as well as those looking to take their career to the next level.
  • Marketing Systems – for those looking for Real Estate Project Marketing templates and strategies and database set-up and maintenance, be it an off-the-shelf document you can take and complete yourself or develop a custom package, we will be offering this to Developers, Project Marketing firms and Realtors with smaller projects alike.
  • Recruiting & Placement of Marketing and Operations / Admin Staff – looking for someone to fill a marketing or operations position in your organization? We can help. By leveraging personal connections, we can discretely help you find and onboard the right person.
  • Introductions and Connections – looking for land? Or looking for financing? We can assist in making introductions and connect like-minded businesses and individuals to suit your needs.