Knowing who you are building for and the community you are building in forms the foundation of your engagement, communication, marketing, and sales strategies. We create market research studies customized to our client’s needs. Ranging from high-level real estate market reports to in-depth analysis of market data, community psychographics, and municipal requirements. Working with developers, municipalities, and marketing agencies to better understand the markets they are working in, we use quantitative and qualitative data to deliver comprehensive insight to guide product type, unit mix, price thresholds, target market, and key stakeholder engagement.

Areas of expertise:

  • Real Estate Market Analysis
  • OCP and Municipal Zoning Analysis
  • Community Psychographic Analysis
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Concept Recommendations and Market Positioning

We design and execute public engagement plans to create strategic messaging and community engagement initiatives to keep stakeholders informed and gather vital feedback to develop a successful project with community and municipal support. Using a combination of traditional and digital engagement tactics, we can minimize disruption and ensure projects gain positive traction.

Areas of expertise:

  • Community and Key Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
  • Events and Focus Group facilitation
  • Community canvasing
  • Media Relations
  • Social media
  • Survey design and implementation

An effective communication plan keeps messaging consistent and project initiatives in line to support timelines and budgets and maintain a positive narrative. Combining foundational PR practice with market intelligence and a compressive understanding of the development process, our team guides communication to navigate challenges, keep stakeholders informed during infrastructure projects that require stakeholder support and align with organizations that share common initiatives.

Areas of expertise:

  • Effective Communication Plans
  • Messaging
  • Brand Development
  • Graphics and Communications collateral

Communication planning is essential to a project’s success, but creating the plan can take time and resources away from your internal team. We will work with your team to develop easy-to-execute communication and engagement plans to guide them in executing the strategy. Throughout the implementation phase, our team can provide strategic guidance to ensure that your team is on track to achieving communication goals and that your stakeholders are effectively engaged. 

Areas of expertise:  

  • Easy-to-execute communication plans 
  • Strategic guidance  

We will develop the strategy, budget and critical path required to meet the sales and marketing goals and objectives. This could be specific to an individual development, for a master planned community, or a specific business need such as a Homeowner Retention Program or Co-op Realtor Platform.


Sometimes a process is broken. And sometimes a lack of process is keeping your team from doing their best work. We will work within your corporate culture and provide recommendations on marketing processes in alignment with the overall sales flow and establish a consistent methodology. This is not a connect the dots approach rather best practices guides and checklists that will serve as a roadmap to improve efficiencies. So your team is still thinking and doing, but staying true to the course.


Need staff? Or need them trained? Our relationships and database allow us to efficiently find your next great hire! We’ve also got training covered. From our online courses like Project Marketing 101, to mentoring and training programs, we can customize a training program best suited for your needs.


Does your project need financing or an infusion of capital? We’ve got local and global connections looking for the right project and teams to support.


Need to understand what is working in a particular market? Trying to evaluate the market potential for a new site? Want to incorporate more virtual marketing and sales tools? Or perhaps your project is stalled out and needs an innovative kick-start? We can help.