Roxanne spearheaded the marketing strategy for Trump Waikiki. Selling the largest single day sales record in North America - wasn't a surprise, but just the volume of units we moved, in the amount of time we moved them, was definitely a shock

Ivanka Trump, The Trump Organization –

We have used Roxanne on numerous occasions to assist with our client work for marketing strategies and focus group studies. She is has been a tremendous asset in helping execute our client initiatives and we will continue to use her services in the future.

Geoffrey P. Dzikowski, Executive Vice President at New Summit Partners Corp.

Where do you start talking about someone who brings so much to the table with respect to strategizing and marketing for new residential development. I suppose the most important thing one could say about Roxanne is that she cares...about your project, your company, your buyers, your bottom line. She effectively puts herself in your shoes as well as those of your clients/buyers to figure out the way to a win/win for all in any situation. Since re-launching Urban Analytics, Roxanne has been an invaluable resource - from introducing us to the world of social media to expanding our network of industry contacts and assisting on specific consulting projects. Roxanne is someone you absolutely must have in your corner - whether as an industry colleague or a service provider

Michael Ferreira, Principal, Urban Analytics Inc.

Roxanne is a true leader and big idea person. As head of Hestia Marketing Group she helps companies generate sales while providing customers with a very positive experience. Whether your company is a small start-up or a branded world-leader, Roxanne has the experience and a successful track record that will provide you with the support you need when you need it. I highly recommend her.

Cam Landell, Managing Partner & Strategist, Watershed Group