How to Adjust Your Business To Survive COVID-19

How to Adjust Your Business To Survive COVID-19

On Wednesday April 1, 2020, Roxanne hosted special guests Tina Mak along with Mortgage Broker Winson Lam, to discuss the current market conditions and how to best prepare yourself for the upcoming changes in the market. We also had Mas Taki of LH Digital join us to discuss digital tools and platforms.


MARKET UPDATE – we started with some updates on what is going on in different regions. How is everyone coping? Celebrating our wins and talking about our challenges.
DIGITAL TOOLS & CHEAT SHEET – News update on the 3-way technology we showcased in our first COVID call. We also introduced some additional new tools being developed to take advantage of sooner than later! Finally, we shared some of our favourite tools (both digital and physical) to best do your job in today’s market and how to best leverage them. You can read all about them HERE
MORTGAGE UPDATE – The Bank rate keeps dropping, and in response, mortgage rates dropped a few weeks ago, but now they are going up….? SAY WHAT? Listen to mortgage broker Winson Lam explaining what is going on.
You can watch the recording of the call HERE

Stay safe and stay healthy and stay positive!

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